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Altheia at 1yr 10 months old.JPG


Tonkyway Altheia

Tonkyway Altheia

Brown CPP F4 Tonkinese

DOB: 29th October 2021

Sire: Adoctbu Tonkyway-Flash Sopotu (F3 Blue)

Dam: Tonkyway Zorria (F3 Brown CPP)


Altheia is a well grown young girl from Zorria's second litter and she currently lives with her mum who is now neutered.  Altheia is the only breeding girl I retained from 'Flash' who is now retired.  

Theia's Tonkinese Kittens - July '23

Litter One - Available from 16th October

Born: 10th July 2023

Sire: Tonkyway Bronze Iupiter

Three F2 Kittens: Two female (One Reserved); One Male

Inbreeding: 0%

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