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Available Siamese & TONKINESE Kittens for Adoption

Here you'll find details about all of my latest litters of Siamese and Tonkinese kittens for sale. You can see when they are available for adoption and of course adorable photos of Mum, Dad and the kittens themselves. I usually wait until they are a bit older to take more photos as when they are very little it is difficult to really capture the unique features and personalities of these little angels until they are at least 4 weeks old! 

If you would like to find out any more information about what is involved in adopting and raising a Siamese or Tonkinese kitten from me, then please check out my 'Useful Information' page.


If you would like to enquire about adopting one of these lovely fur balls then please use the contact form at the bottom of the page. 

Thanks and enjoy!


Ming's Kittens 

Mings Siamese kittens - November 23

Litter Two Available 23 Feb 2024)

Born: 17th November 2023

Sire: Sandypoint Julies Jupiter (Jay Jay)

Five Kittens: Three Seal Female; One Chocolate female: One Seal male

Pics of Mum and Dad below (mobile) or to the right (desktop) 

Ming Siamese Queen 3
Jay-Jay - Siamese Stud Boy 5

Steorra's Kittens 

Steorra's Siamese kittens - June 2023

Litter One (Available NOW)

Born: 8th June 2023

Sire: Wicca JJ-Joey

Six Kittens: Two Blue Females ; Two Seal Males; Two Seal females.

ONLY One Seal Male & One Seal Female available now (Eros & Phaedra)

Pics of Mum and Dad below (mobile) or to the right (desktop) 

Steorra Breeding Siamese Queen 3
Joey - Siamese Stud Boy 2

Kianga's Siamese Kittens 

Litter One

Ki's  Siamese kittens - January 2024

Litter One - Available from 10 April 2024

Born: 3rd January 2024

Sire: Sandypoints Julies Jupiter (Jay Jay)

Two kittens both male, Chocolate & Seal Point

Pics of Mum and Dad below (mobile) or to the right (desktop) 

Ki 1yr 3 months.JPG
Jay-Jay - Siamese Stud Boy 7

Mimi's  Siamese   Kittens 

Siamese kittens - July 2023

Litter 2 (Available now)

Born: 24th July 2023

Sire: Wicca JJ-Joey

Four kittens: Seal Point Male, Two Seal Point Females, One Blue Point Female


Pics of Mum and Dad below (mobile) or to the right (desktop) 

Mimi Siamese Queen 3
Jay-Jay - Siamese Stud Boy 6

Kali's Tonkinese   Kitten 

Litter One

Born: 30 September 2023

Sire: Tonkyway Bronze Iupiter

F2 lilac TCR male kitten

Pics of Mum and Dad below (mobile) or to the right (desktop) 

thumbnail_Kalena at 16 weeks.jpg
thumbnail_Jupe at 18 months.jpg

Astrea's Siamese   Kitten 

Litter Three

Born: 22nd September 2023

Sire: Wicca JJ-Joey

One Blue Point Male kitten

Pics of Mum and Dad below (mobile) or to the right (desktop) 

Astrea Siamese Queen 3
Joey - Siamese Stud Boy 2
Night Skies

6 month old+ Kittens 

Siamese youngsters

Looking for their forever homes 


Shanira kittens 9 weeks
Vennela 13 wks
Sasithorn 13 wks
Moonglow kittens Day 33
Sao 22 wks
Ming kittens 9 weeks
Larissa 22 wks
Kumudesh 17 wks
Feray 13 weeks
Kressida 32 wks
Dolunay & Mahin 13 wks
Chantrea kitts 7 wks
Chandrima 13 wks
BB & Kittens 15 wks
Adhara 11 months
Alphard 11 months
Aylin 20 weeks
Alphard & Adhara 31 wks

Before you get in touch

Have you read my Useful Information page? 

Contact Julie with any questions, or to leave your own comments  here

Quantocks, Merridge, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA5 1AZ


Please note, I spend a great deal of time outside looking after my cats and it may be hard to reach me on the phone. Please use the form here and I will get back to you as soon as I can! 

Thanks for submitting! I will respond as soon as I can!

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