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Star Cluster

Sandypoints Julies Jupiter

Seal Siamese Stud Cat

D.O.B: 22/05/2020

Sire: Sialaxy Regulus (Seal Tabby)

Dam: Sandypoint Jewel of the Nile (Chocolate Tabby)

Jay came to me from Sandy in the USA.  It was a difficult time to be importing cats and took months to arrange and he and another Siamese boy, going to my friend Cynthia, had a long journey.  However he arrived finally in December aged six months and he was not at all upset from the journey.  He is the most adorable Siamese boy, very large, he weighed in at 5kg at only 7 months of age.  His temperament is very 'laid-back' and he just loves being on your lap, or shoulders or indeed anywhere that he can have your undivided attention.  He sired his first litter of Siamese kittens only weeks after arriving and has gone on to prove he can be a great stud boy.  Very patient with his girl-friends and gives them lots of licks.

Jay is sired by a boy I sent out to USA in 2012 who is much adored by Sandy.  Both Jays parents are Tabby Siamese cats but he does not carry the Agouti gene

Stud boy:    Jay-Jay

Purple Glow
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