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Lunar - adopted

Sialaxy Lunar eclipse

Retired Siamese Queen

DOB: 18 Sept 2017

Sire: Adiftam Wicca Familiar

Dam: Sialaxy Oriana


Lunar is a good size gentle Siamese girl, rather quiet, she gets along with other cats well and has formed a particular bond with BB.  Lunar is the daughter of Darkstars full litter brother, he is a beautiful large Blue boy. Lunar was retired this year after her third litter of kittens and I hope that I will be able to find her a special home with BB in the near future.

Lunar's Siamese Kittens - Feb    2022

Litter Three

Born: 20 February 2022

Sire: Adnovso Sialaxy's Cosmic Ray

Three kittens: Two male, One female 

Lunar's Siamese Kittens - Jan  2021

Litter Two

Born: 30 January 2021

Sire: Wicca Starman

Four kittens: Two male, Two female

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