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Starr - adopted

Sialaxy Midnight Starr

Retired Siamese Queen

DOB: 27 May 2018

Sire: Wicca Starman

Dam: Adiftam Sialaxy Darkstar


A really sweet and gentle Siamese girl who unfortunately was not able to carry large litters, only four kittens produced from two litters.  However she was an extremely maternal mum and very loving towards her kitts.  Starr & her sister Stellare have always lived together, had their kittens at the same time and reared them together.  Both were retired early in 2022 and have now landed on their paws in a very loving home in Swindon with Janet & Paul.

Starr's Siamese Kittens - Oct    2021

Litter Two

Born: 2 October 2021

Sire: Jay Jay

One male kitten

Starr's Siamese Kittens - Aug 2020

Litter One

Born: 22 August 2020

Sire: Bodi of Willowriver

Three Kittens: Two male; One female


Starr is just that, a real star for producing these lovely kittens which were so affectionate, it was hard to part with them, but they all went to homes in the South West.  Star just loved being a mum and when the kittens were a little older they joined in with her sisters kittens for playtime.

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