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Tonkyway Tallys Apollina

Tonkinese F2 Queen

Tonkyway Tallys Apollina

Lilac TCR

DOB: 11 February 2020

Sire: Gr.Ch.Phabbay Galactic Comet

Dam: Tonkyway Talayeh

Lina is such a sweet girl, very precocious and very active.  She also has a loud voice.  She has no problems getting pregnant or caring for her kittens.  As you can see from below she produces the CUTEST kittens with gorgeous eye colours! She will be retired from breeding after her third litter and her daughter will take her place.

Lina's Tonkinese Kittens - June 2022

Lina's F2 Tonkinese Kittens 2022

Litter Two

Born: 9th June 2022

Sire: Tonkyway Bronze Iupiter

Six kittens: Four male; Two female

Lina's Tonkinese Kittens - November 2021

Lina's F3 Tonkinese kittens 2021

Litter One

Born: 14 November 2021

Sire: Ch. Tonkyway Chertan

Three kittens - all male

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