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Stud boy - Ray

Retired Siamese Stud Cat
Adnovso Sialaxys Cosmic-Ray

Born: 4 April 2021

Sire: Bodi of Willowriver

Dam: Ambaseli Loo-nah


Another lovely natured Siamese boy bred by Rosie in Surrey.  Ray was certainly early to mature and whilst still only coming up to six months had his way with one of my Tonk girls that he was living with at the time.  He was swiftly moved to stud quarters.  Always a boy who loved cuddles after siring a further four litters of kittens I thought it best to retire him.  I already had his half-brother so there seemed little point in keeping two boys with the same sire.  Ray is such a lap cat that I knew I would have no problem finding him a loving home.  He now resides with Giulia  in Stroud where he is much loved.

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