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Sialaxy Amber Moon

Lilac Siamese Queen

D.O.B: 22/08/2019

Sire: Wicca Starman (Lilac)

Dam: Sialaxy Isas Neona (Chocolate)

Amber is a really lovely Lilac Siamese girl, friendly and gentle.  She is 4th generation Sialaxy girl, and grew up with two other Starman girls.  Her first litter of five kittens were beautiful and large kittens and she proved herself to be a diligent mum.  I hope to repeat the mating.

Star Cluster

Amber's Siamese Kittens Nov    2022

Litter Two

Born 14 November 2022

Sire: Sandypoints Julies Jupiter

Six kittens: Two male; Four female


This second litter of Andy's is similar to the first although these kittens are all similar in size.  Lively and friendly kittens are into everything.  Amber is a very 'chilled out' mum and does not mind the other cats sharing her bed with the kittens and doing some of the 'kitten sitting'.  All of these kittens have found lovely homes and have settled in very well.

Amber's Siamese Kittens Aug 2021

Litter One

Born 23 August 2021 

Sire: Sandypoints Julies Jupiter 

Five kittens – Two female;  Three male.

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