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Sialaxy  Zonas Steorra

Seal Siamese Queen

Dob; 12 May 2021

Sire: Sandypoints Oberon (Seal)

Dam: Sialaxy Zona (Lilac)

Another 4th gen Sialaxy young girl who has not been bred from yet.  She is a very lively girl, quite independent but friendly and confident.  Her sire is also an import from the USA but his pedigree is both English and American Siamese.

Steorra's Siamese Kittens - June '23

Litter One - AVAILABLE NOW - one seal male & one seal female (Eros & Phaedra)

Born: 8th June 2023 

Sire: Wicca JJ-Joey

Two Blue Females (1 reserved); Two Seal Males; Two Seal females.

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Quantocks, Merridge, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA5 1AZ


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