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BB - adopted

Sialaxy Belinda Breeze

Retired Siamese Queen

DOB: 5 April 2020

Sire: Marajade Filius Flitwick

Dam: Sialaxy Luciana


What can I say about BB other than she has always been a real ‘live wire’, very bold and friendly as a kitten she just charmed everyone.  She started ‘calling’ early and was extremely determined and loud. Her first litter of Siamese kittens was born in February 2022 were a delight to her and she was certainly the best mum.  I would have loved to breed from her again but due to the current economic situation I have had to reduce the number of breeding Siamese girls and BB is very friendly with Lunareclipse who was being retired.  I really hope to find them both a lovely home together.  BB is full sister to Moonglow who is also retired now.

BB's Siamese Kittens - Feb 2022

Litter One

Born: 6th February 2022

Sire: Adnovso Sialaxys Cosmic-Ray

Five kittens: Four male, One female

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