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DOB: 15/12/2020

Sire: Bodi of Willowriver (Seal)
Dam: Baileykins Tabatha (Blue Tabby)

Joey is a very quiet and gentle boy, likes a bit of a fuss daily but is fairly independent.  Joey came to me from Cynthia of Wicca and is the son of a Stud boy (Bodi) that we imported and co-owned.  Bodi's ancestry is only Siamese (Thai) that were imported from Thailand to USA so he is not related to any of our Western bloodlines.  Joey's mum is a lovely Blue Tabby girl that Cynthia bought in, therefore Joey is a complete outcross to all of our bloodlines.  Both of Joey's parents are now retired from breeding. The majority of Joey's kittens are just like him and all have a very affectionate nature.

Wicca JJ-Joey

Stud boy - Joey

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