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Venessa at 12 mths.JPG


Tonkyway Cyanic Venessa

Blue F2 Tonkinese Queen

DIB: 10th November 2021

Sire: Tonkyway Bronze Iupiter 

Dam: Tonkyway Sapphire Zuhra


Venessa is a lovely young girl but has always been rather shy, possibly because her mum is such a strong character.  She has lived with her mum up until the Spring 2023 when she was mated to Zeno.  She unfortunately passed away in 2023. 

Venessa's Tonkinese Kittens - March 2023

Litter One

Born: 30 March 2023

Sire: Tonkyway Zeno

Two Female kittens: Chocolate TCR; Blue TCR

Venessa did not have an easy time with this her first pregnancy, her kittens were delivered two days apart and she abandoned the first one, which I rescued and placed with it Grand-mother - Zuhra.  They are both lovely kittens.  Venessa is caring for her remaining kitten very well.

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