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Sialaxys Skys Mimiteh

Chocolate Siamese Queen

D.O.B: 03/03/2021

Sire: Sandypoints Julies Jupiter (Seal)

Dam: Sialaxy Moonlit Skye (Blue)

A large chocolate Siamese girl, very friendly with me but seems to be a one-woman cat. Her dad is my lovely big boy Jay-Jay, my Siamese from the USA.  She lives with her mum ‘Skye’ now retired and her sister Swirl.  She had her first litter of kittens in April 2023. 

Star Cluster

Mimi's Siamese Kittens - Sept 23

Only One Seal Point female still available (Meike)

Mimi's Siamese kittens 2023

Litter Two

Born; 24 July 2023

Sire: Wicca JJ-Joey

Three female, One Male

Mimi's Siamese Kittens - April 23 

Mimi's Siamese kittens 2023 Litter One

Born: 7th April 2023

Sire: Wicca JJ-Joey

Two Blue point Males ; One Seal Point male ; Two Seal Point females

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