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Stellare 3yrs 9mths.JPG


Sialaxy Stellare

Retired Siamese Queen

DOB: 27 May 2018

Sire: Wicca Starman

Dam: Adiftam Sialaxy Darkstar


Full litter sister to Starr they are difficult to tell apart.  Stellare is a little shyer than Starr.  Like her sister she did not seem to be a particularly keen on breeding and only reared six kittens over three litters.  I retained the only kitten from her first litter “Ming” and I still have her two sons from her third Siamese litter.  Stellare is settling into her new home with her sister in Swindon.

Stellare's Siamese Kittens - Sept    2021

Litter Three

Born: 28 September 2021

Sire: Jay Jay

Two kittens both male

Stellare's Siamese Kittens - Sept    2020

Litter Two

Born: 20 September 2020

Sire: Bodi of Willowriver

Three kittens: One Male; Two Female

Stellare's Siamese Kittens - March 2020

Litter One

Born: 18 March 2020

Sire: Cradlebridge Rupert

One Female kitten (Ming)

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