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Andy - available for adoption 

Sialaxy Andromeda

Blue Tabby

DOB: 12 July 2017

Sire: Marajade Filius Flitwick (Flint)

Dam: Sialaxy Cassiopeia

Andy has always been a very special Queen, she has lovely markings and is very elegant.  She is also extremely vocal.  Andy was spayed this year – 2022 after her third litter had left for new homes.  Her daughter ‘Athena’ will carry on the tabby line. 

Andy's Siamese Kittens - Oct    2021

Litter Three

Born: 27 October 2021

Sire: Joey

Four kittens: Three female, One male

Andy is such a lovely mum, always watching her kittens and prepared to nurse them and any other kittens that she comes into contact with.   Unlike the previous litter there was only one Tabby Point in this litter so she (Athena) has been retained for breeding as Andy will be retired.  The other two females went to Eire and the boy to Norfolk.  

Andy's Siamese Kittens -  September 2020

Litter Two

Born: 28 September 2020

Sire: Wicca Starman

Five Kittens: Two Male; Three female


Andy is a very motherly cat and really enjoys her kittens.  Full of energy these little monsters were into everything at a very early age whilst mum tried to keep them under control.  When they were a couple of months old they integrated with my Tonk girl "Zuhra's kittens, all snuggling in together.  None of this litter were retained for breeding, all went to loving homes.

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