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Sialaxy Shining Astrea


D.O.B: 16/10/2020

Sire: Marajade Filius Flitwick (Seal)

Dam: Sialaxy Virgos Zaniah (Lilac)

A very lively Siamese seal girl, extremely precautious and friendly.  Astrea fell pregnant with her first litter whilst still  under a year old but she proved herself to be a natural and reared five beautiful Siamese kittens.  Astrea is only a second generation Sialaxy Queen as her grandmother ‘Taurina’ also came in from the USA.

Star Cluster

Astrea Siamese Kittens - Sept 2023

Litter Three

Born: 22nd September 2023

Sire: Wicca JJ-Joey

One Blue Point Male kitten - AVAILABLE


After a really long break from motherhood Astrea gave birth to only a single kitten.  She is a fantastic mum and will soon be a Grandma when her Tonkinese daughter "Kali" gives birth.  The kittens will be able to grow up together.

Astrea Tonkinese Kittens - Dec 2021

Litter Two

Born: 23 December 2021

Sire: Cornflower Batman (Benny)

Nine Kittens: Five Male; Four female


This was a completely unplanned litter.  Benny, my young Burmese boy matured rather early and before I moved him to stud quarters.  Astrea & Benny certainly had lots of fun together and the result a rather large litter which certainly took a lot of looking after.  Sometimes Astrea would split off some of the kittens and place them elsewhere as if to say "these are enough to cope with".  However she did manage to rear them all herself and did a marvelous job.  She will now have at least a years break from maternity duties.  These kittens were Benny's first and they are really lovely F1 Tonkinese.  I decided to keep one - 'Kalena' , a lovely lilac girl who absolutely loves everyone who comes in the door.

Astrea Siamese Kittens 2022

Litter One

Born: 27 August 2021

Sire: Wicca JJ-Joey

Five kittens: Three males, Two females

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