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Retired Siamese Stud Cat
Wicca Starman

Colour: Lilac

Born: 7 February 2017 

Sire: Stonearch Shogun Harry

Dam: Lintama Geisha Girl

Starman truly was a ‘star stud’.  He came to me as a kitten from Cynthia Hopper of Wicca and was always a true gentleman.  Very affectionate both with humans and his females.  He is a good-sized Siamese boy with excellent eye colour for a Lilac.  He sired lots of litters of kittens during his three years as an entire.  Starman was retired from duty in 2020 and went to live in Trowbridge with Helen in January 2021 where he is very settled and happy.

Retired Stud - Starman

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