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Lucy 3yrs 9mths.JPG

Lucy - adopted

Sialaxy Luciana

Sialaxy Luciana

Retired Siamese Queen


DOB: 1st September 2016

Sire: Stonearch Shogun Harry

Dam: Tica CH. Wicca Mizuki


Lucy was retained from the last litter born to my Chocolate girl Miz and like her mum proved herself to be an excellent breeding Queen. Lucy was a very friendly, bold, strong willed and active girl. Lucy had five litters and was retired in January 2021 she went to live in Bristol with one of her sons from her last litter.  Two potential breeding girls were retained, one from her third litter - Moonglow and fourth litter - BB. 

Lucy's Siamese Kittens - Nov 2020

Litter Five

Born: 14th November 2020

Two Kittens: Male

Lucy's Siamese Kittens - April 2020

Litter Four

Born: 5th April 2020

Sire: Marajade Filius Flitwick

Seven Kittens: Three male; Four Female

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